Space Rental Services

front-room-2If you’re looking for a professional space for a company conference, training seminar, corporate or client meeting, workshop, or anything you can imagine, Universal Workshop Center offers affordable and convenient meeting rooms / rental space with various configurations that suit your needs. You can select the room that best fits your needs. We have a main room (325 sq ft), a back room (145 sq ft), and a dressing room (28 sq ft). Our main room boasts an audio system, high speed internet access, and eventually a projector system for presentations. You will have on-site support for any event that you run. You can book your event by the hour.

Types of Events:

At the Universal Workshop Center, we have designed our space to exercise multiple lines of development. The types of programs and events you see will reflect this diverse integral approach.

  • Weekly presentations, seminars, workshops, creative writing workshops, team building activities
  • Meditation, massages, reiki, spiritual meetings
  • Yoga, martial arts, dance/movement, game night

Professionals and individuals across the world have a common problem of locating and securing a short-term meeting space in minutes. We make it easy for you to book our space for any type of event you plan on hosting. You can utilize the Universal Workshop Center with just one phone call!